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Paintball Courses For All

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Perhaps you only just recently made the decision to try this widely popular extreme sport called “Paintball”. At this point you may be wondering about paintball places or paintball courses. Just where in the heck do people play this game? There are various types of paintball locations or settings that offer a challenge and excitement ….  Read More

West Palm Beach Eco-Harbor

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While many cities make less than responsible choices when planning major developments, West Palm Beach leads by example with their new waterfront redevelopment. In the past, this area was a busy harbor, but a 1960’s expansion of Flagler Drive blocked access to this once vibrant area. Now past errors have been corrected with the unveiling ….  Read More

Top 10 GPS Units for Sale

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GPS or Global Positioning Systems have considerably gained popularity over the past few years. When it first came out, a GPS for sale was considered to be a form of luxury. Now, it is considered to be an extremely useful equipment that have been more affordable for the people. What makes GPS units extremely popular ….  Read More